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Tatiana Bilbao


We at the studio are really inspired by architecture, one contemporary that we think is smashing it and you should know is Tatiana Bilbao

This Mexican architect blends the perfect mix of modernist and brutalist architecture using amazing traditional techniques like rammed earth to create truly stunning structures. This is where moulds are built like for a traditional concrete external wall but the cavity is filled with earth, usually local to the site, layers at at time and compressed to give the structure and strength. The is not only an incredibly sustainable and efficient way to build but it gives an aesthetic result that is second to none where you can physically see the process work that has gone in, each layer giving a slightly different hue almost like the rings of a tree telling a story of the building.⁠⠀
Bilbao works a lot with the Mexican government to create sustainable and affordable housing to tackle the ongoing housing crisis that is present in her home country. She has also worked with artists like Ai Weiwei both in China and her homeland, collaborating on a range of projects.⁠⠀
What do you think of her work? Let us know in the comments below.⁠



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