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  • by Alan Taylor

If we had a spirit animal we are sure it would be Fran Lebowitz, the humour, the talent, the energy...and don't even get us started on the style! So she is next in the list of our muses.⁠⠀
You may know her from her best selling books, her tenure at Andy Warhol's 'Interview' magazine or the new series made by Martin Scorsese, wherever it may be from it doesn't matter she is an incomparable force of nature that has the driest wit that could only be manifested through a lifetime in New York!⁠⠀
She admits she knows that some people hate her bluntness but also admits she doesn't care! She isn't doing it to be rude, people just aren't used to her level of honesty! This in our opinion is one of her most endearing traits!⁠⠀
And her style, excuse us while we wipe the drool off our chins, she has so nailed down her style like a uniform we could only compare to the likes of Bill Cunningham's blue Jacket. She has essentially worn the same style of boxy suit jacket with white shirt, jeans and boots since the 70s and it has always looked INCREDIBLE.⁠⠀
What do you think and who are your muses? Let us know in the comments below.



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