• by Alan Taylor

So many brands claim to be sustainable without accountability, one brand that really inspires us in their transparency and their constant desire for improvement in product, ethics and supply chain is Australian Eyewear brand Auór
Their design vision is always to create beautiful, minimal and simple eyewear made from the best and most responsible materials. One thing that really resonates with us and that is one of omdo STUDIOS's key ethics is that in their work they are "honouring the past while provoking the future." ⁠⠀
They work with Mazzuchelli for their cellulose acetate as it is derived from cotton and wood pulp, making it a far more ethical choice of material. You’ll find that cheaper models of eyewear are often made from petroleum-based plastics which are not as durable. Cellulose acetate however is hyper allergenic and can easily be moulded to better fit a variety of face shapes.⁠⠀
All made in Italy to the highest standard, supply chain transparency is important to them, from workers rights and ethics to production sustainability and management. They also utilise their offcuts from the frames, making earrings out of the remnants to make sure they are using as much raw materials as possible. It is this kind of initiative that will be able to push brands towards becoming truly sustainable.⁠⠀
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