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Fka Twigs - Magdalene

It has been and an incredibly turbulent time for FKA Twigs lately sharing her story of her toxic relationship other than to say she has been an inspiration in how brave she has been. This week we are recommending her phenomenal album Magdalene.⁠⁠
There is always the stress and rarity of a sophomore album that is a step up from the debut but this is one of those albums. Twigs has always had such a strong vision of the whole package from the sound and production to the videos and choreography. She has such a goddess energy and power that is palpable through all the songs.⁠⁠
We love the concept of her work too, dealing with the mental and cultural concept within her life, talking in an interview she said, being a woman and empowering herself to project herself in any way that makes her happy, knowing that its okay to be both the 'madonna or the whore' persona and the self aware that she is seen by many as the Nubian queen but it is okay for her not to live up to that persona all the time.⁠⁠
We love everything that she does and we can definitely see FKA Twigs cementing herself as one of the most inspiring avant garde artists and music history in the years to come.⁠⁠
What do you think of her work? Let us know in the comments below.⁠⁠



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