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Martin Parr

There are a few photographer who can truly capture the essence of a place and a time, Martin Parr is one of these people who took the eighties in England and immortalised the oversaturated veneer of the decade in rural towns and villages.⁠⁠
His projects take an intimate, satirical and anthropological look at aspects of modern life, in particular documenting the social classes of England, and more broadly the wealth of the Western world.⁠⁠
Since 1994, Parr has been a member of Magnum Photos. He has had around 40 solo photobooks published, and has featured in around 80 exhibitions worldwide – including the international touring exhibition ParrWorld, and a retrospective at the Barbican Arts Centre, London, in 2002.⁠⁠
Parr has also curated one of our favourite shows of the past decades, the 'Strange and Familiar' which considered how international photographers from the 1930s onwards captured the social, cultural & political identity of the UK, much like Parr himself!⁠⁠
We would love to hear what you think of his work. Let us know in the comments below.⁠⁠



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