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Rebecca Norris Webb

Next up on our daily recommendations is the photographer Rebecca Norris Webb. We had recently also featured her husband and they both can stand alone as great photographers they also have several projects and books that they have worked on together.⁠⠀
The thing we love most about her work is how she combines written word with her images. Norris web is not just a photographer but also a poet and does a really interesting thing of using the accompanying text not just to describe the work more to sit alongside and elevate it in a more abstract way.⁠⠀
We love their combined work especially that in Cuba but for Norris Webb's solo work it has to be 'My Dakota'. A series on her home state of South Dakota, a look at the vast expanse and weather torn countryside that has such beautiful and sad meaning to her as it was a eulogy to her brother who died suddenly. Personal work is always so much stronger, even if you don't know the story it comes across in the work.⁠⠀
Let us know what you think of her work in the comments below.⁠⠀



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