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Patti Smith - Horses

Patti Smith is a rock & roll shaman and she needs music as shamans have always needed the cadence of their chanting.⁠⠀
There is several specific times in history that we would have liked to been in specific places and 1975-80 in Manhattan would have been one of them. CBGB's is in full swing and the punk scene is slowly emerging out of the depths of the Bowery, now dont think that we are naive, we are fully aware that it was grimey as fuck and you would have as much chance of getting mugged or stabbed as you would see a great band but that was punk. ⁠⠀
It was a time of many great bands The Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads and Television but Patti Smith was an icon in the making. A true poet, brash and unapologetic, but hypnotising at the same tome. Her debut album was a mix of commentary on everything from a lesbian suicide and the death of a boy’s father to a teenaged locker-room attack that turns into a murder and homosexual rape. Appreciating that this was 45 years ago these were such bold honest portrayals of the world that was unvarnished and raw.⁠⠀
We love this album and feel you need to listen. What is your favourite Patti Smith song or album?⁠


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  • Love everything Patti Smith has every put out.It doesn’t get any better.Love her with all my heart 💜❤️ and soul…..

    Terri Schenck on

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