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Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express

Some artists are described as "ahead of their time" Kraftwerk could not embody this phrase more, I honestly think the have influenced the broadest range or artists in history!⁠⠀
One of the reasons I think the previous statement is so true is they were pioneers both creatively and technologically. They built their own instruments from scratch from synths and drum machines to the more abstract and they where not only leading new ways in that sector but the music that they were making was literally like nothing that had ever existed.⁠⠀
You can listen to this whole album and you can feel its reach into the decades ahead, through house, techno, hip hop, electro and beyond. Even listening to it today I still cant believe it was released in 1977.⁠⠀
And obviously we cant go without mentioning the sad news that founding member Florian Schneider passed away last month. He will be sadly missed ⁠⠀
Give the album a listen and Let us know what you think in the comments below.⁠



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