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Guerrilla Girls

In these times of global protest in recent times from, BLM and Extinction Rebellion right to the OWS and Hong Kong protests there is one movement of artists that has been going continuously since the eighties that some might not know of, The Guerrilla Girls.⁠⠀
⁠⠀ @guerrillagirls is an anonymous group of feminist, female artists devoted to fighting sexism and racism within the art world formed in New York City in 1985 when @themuseumofmodernart put on a group show with close to 200 artists and only seventeen were women and even fewer were artists of colour.⁠⠀
With the mission of bringing gender and racial inequality into focus within the greater arts community. The group employs culture jamming in the form of posters, books, billboards, and public appearances to expose discrimination and corruption. To remain anonymous, members don gorilla masks and use pseudonyms that refer to deceased female artists. According to GG1, identities are concealed because issues matter more than individual identities, "Mainly, we wanted the focus to be on the issues, not on our personalities or our own work."⁠⠀
We love their approach to equality and art, Do you think there has been enough change in the art world since their forming? Let us know in the comments below.⁠⠀


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