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Floating Points - Crush

We have a music recommendation for you Floating Points 2019 album Crush. We have been doing pretty good in lockdown, keeping occupied, as creative as possible but we don't know if it is the cold or what but we are really missing live music. Either a band at a gig or a dj at a venue, we are feeling that twang that we cant seem to shake this week.⁠⁠
This album release and the subsequent show at Printworks was one of the last proper big live events that we got to go to before the pandemic started and what a send off, every time we have seen him play it has always been such an incredible auditory and visual experience.⁠⁠
The album has a perfect opening song ‘Falaise’ which hints at the direction without commitment. It is a beautiful soundscape of analogue and electronic that has a very cinematic direction to it. Leading into the rest of the album that goes very much into the heavier drum and bass techno side but still has a very ethereal feel to the melodies creating a beautiful juxtaposition of texture that result in a masterful album that is very hard to believe was finished in only five weeks.⁠⁠
What were your favourite gigs before the pandemic? Let us know in the comments below⁠⁠



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