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omdo | Repair - Episode 7 - The Knitwear Hole

In this video we will teach you not one but two different sustainability techniques on how to repair holes in knitted fabrics like jumpers, scarves. socks and hats.⁠

Whether it is from moths or you get a jumper snagged on something, holes in knitwear are the worst. If you don't fix them they just get bigger and worse. If you think it is from moths, first off if you get some lavender pouches in your wardrobe it will keep them away, if they have already got in there and eaten some of your clothes we have the solution for you wonderful people.⁠

We will be covering 2 techniques to repair these, the first is Darning, which is building back up the fabric using needle and thread and and the second is Felting which uses a darning needle and wool roving (this is wool in its raw state before it is turned into yarn for knitting) to create a "patch" of wool that fuses with the original fabric.⁠

Everything needed for this video can be bought online for under ten pounds at your local haberdashery store or online.⁠

If you have any repairs or techniques that you want us to make a video on let us know in the comments.⁠

Mmoths - Eva⁠


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