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Wimbledon House

Trying to solve the British housing problem with one house design may seem like a crazy idea but that is exactly what Su and Richard Rogers set out to do with Wimbledon House.⁠⠀
Started in 1967 and would be initially for Richards parents this house was designed with the hosing crisis in mind.They focused on pre fabricated factory built elements that could be bought local and put up quickly. Its genius comes from its simplicity, the rectangular floor plan made from rows of u shaped steel beams with standardised doors to the side and windows at each end allows for quick and adaptable assembly with transparent ends to allow for maximum light and apparent space.⁠⠀
For this particular build they went with 2 separate building s with the main house and what they called the lodge at the end of the lot creating a courtyard space in the middle. ⁠⠀
In the end it never solved the housing crisis but it became the foundation for their entire careers, and almost being a test case for their future design of the Pompidou Centre.⁠⠀
We think this is an iconic piece of architecture and should be known by everyone! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.



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