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Fashion Revolution have two awareness campaigns that are asking simple questions with very complex answers #whomademyclothes and #whomademyfabric⁠⁠
Do you know exactly or even roughly where your clothes were actually made, the factory that was used, the conditions of the workers, their wages, the chemicals that may run out of the factory, have you thought even further back, do you know where your fabrics are made, the famers rights, quality of the land, health of the animals. Probably not as the general public are so detached from the fashion supply chain that it would probably surprise them that any garment they have bought probably goes through at least 6 countries before it reaches the store.⁠⁠
The worst part is that even the industry doesn't know the exact details of the supply chain. There is very little transparency and very little regulation so companies have no real incentive to change the opaque ways, this is why Fashion Revolution started these campaigns to get the conversation going from the general public to the industry on what needs to be changed.⁠⁠
What can you do? Ask these questions to the brands that you shop from, where is your fabric from, where are the clothes being produced, are the workers being paid a living wage, are the allowed to form a workers union without fears of repercussions, how are the factories surrounding areas effected by its existence, have you had independent audits done of this factories to make sure they are sticking to these standards? Just keep asking questions and if they dont have an answer to any of these demand that they get them or refuse to shop there any more. Transparency is key to ensuring that we are heading in a truly sustainable direction in the industry.⁠⁠
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