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The #wemakeevents campaign is something we felt like we should talk about. The events industry is one of the reasons London is one of our favourite cities in the world, having so many gigs, plays and exhibitions at our fingertips makes this an incredible place to live. From the small like Shacklewell Arms and Bussey Building to the big Roundhouse and Tate every level of the industry is hanging on the brink. We unfortunately will lose some venues due to the COVID pandemic.

Whatever comes out the other side is bound to be the corporate offering and we are in danger of losing all the grassroots venues that make this city what it is, promoting some of the most exciting underground talent.

These are their goals

1. Government backed COVID – 19 Insurance Scheme
Why – To ensure if local lockdowns happen event organisers will recover costs and attendees will receive a refund.

2. Government support for widespread proactive COVID -19 testing for event attendees
Why – To give confidence to attendees and organisers that the event is safe and COVID – 19 Compliant.

3. A three-year extension to the reduced cultural vat rate on tickets in line with DCMS recommendations
Why – To stimulate the return of a viable live entertainment sector.

Until gathering for events is not restricted by legislation, we are also calling on the Government for:
4. Grants – not loans – made available to businesses in the events supply chain
Why – To give companies the flexibility to allocate financial resources where they need it most, to keep their business afloat and to enable them to keep employees, adding value to the UK economy and culture in the future.

5. A specific job support scheme for live events supply chain until the government guidelines change on social distancing to allow a commercially viable return to work
Why – To allow employers to retain highly skilled people in preparation for a return to work; to support the freelance community, including single director companies; and to support all those excluded by the current government eligibility criteria. This will help us to be ready to kickstart the industry and hence the UK economy.

Please get involved, sign the petition (link in bio) Write to your local MP, post on social and generally spread the word. We need to think of all aspects of the future and to us the arts is a massive part that the current government are ignoring.



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