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The Strokes - Is This It

This album reminds us of skinny jeans and knackered Converse, the raw energy of the dance floor and the floppiest of hair! @thestrokes debut album was one that exploded on the screen in 2001 and would set the mood for music for the next ten years.⁠⠀
They strayed from what every garage band was doing at the time trying to make their production seem grander than they were with ethereal reverb and pre programmed beats rather The Strokes took the purist route, more in vein with seventies post punk, raw and honest and we still cant get enough.⁠⠀
it is our album recommendation for the week with our favourite songs being Is This it, Hard to Explain and New York City Cops.⁠⠀
What is your favourite Strokes song/ album? Let us know in the comments.⁠



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