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Tabitha Ringwood

Upcycled and sustainable clothing in the past (and sometimes still now) has always had quite a slapdash half Frankenstein, half hand-me-down aesthetic that can feel cheap and not quite reliable, one designer who is absolutely obliterating that cliche is Tabitha Ringwood

Having worked for other brands and designers post graduation at the RCA she has taken to portraying her own vision for the footwear world. Her shoes are not only at the forefront of sustainability but they are so elevated and chic! You wouldn't be able to tell the difference in quality between her shoes and that of any other luxury shoe brand, which is what we feel needs to happen to properly propel the industry to being fully sustainable. Once the customer can see that the sustainable option matches the quality of existing product there could be real change.⁠⁠⁠


Ringwood has collaborated with a large amount of emerging designers including Andrew Bell Patrick McDowell, Matthew Duffy, Roni Ilan and worked in such interesting ways with fabrication finishing and recycling. Our favourite has to be her collaboration with Cissel D⁠⁠
What do you think of her work? Let us know in the comments below.⁠



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