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Seven Inspirational Circular Brands

Black Friday has created some of the most dangerous habits in retail. Overconsumption has been taken to a new level and #circularmonday is and antidote to that problem, it is in initiative for us to slow down, take a look at what we are consuming and why.

Today we are highlighting a few brands that are looking towards longevity and circular design in their products

1- @tabitharingwood
This inspirational designer up-cycles her materials and uses experimental leather replacements to make shoes that are not only luxury but eco conscious at the same time.

2 - @karinabankslondon
This London based jeweller makes beautiful everyday statement pieces that are all made from recycled metals. This timeless pieces are so thought out you can tell the care that has gone into each one.

3 - @clementknives
These beautiful knives are not only made from reclaimed steel from the bottom of the Thames river but the handles are made from plastic rubbish found on the streets, simultaneously cleaning the world one bit of waste at a time and making some incredible product

4 - @bugclothing
Based in Wales, this brand makes beautiful small run minimal garments out of deadstock natural fabrics, keep a close eye on the website because when they go up they aren't there for long

5 - @granbyworkshop
This Turner prize winning collective based in Liverpool have a range of recycled and upcycled products available, our favourite being 'Splatwear', ceramics made using a pneumatic press and recycled clays and stone from the area.


6 - @nokiofficial
Noki's House of Sustainability has been an inspiration for us for a very long time. Considered the father of contemporary fashion sustainability in London, his one off creations are couture level in skill and imagination, using all second hand clothes as his medium to create such stunning pieces

7 - @raeburn_design
Another one of the OG's in fashion sustainability here in London, Raeburn's career started deconstructing army surplus garments and repurposing them as new fabrics for his garments. We especially like his latest offering RÆFOUND ever before worn second hand military garments individually selected for their innovative functionality


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