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For this weeks timeless series we are looking to a design that has completely changed context in the current climate, the @rimowa case.⁠⠀
With the entire world slowing down and the idea of mass travelling been removed from the zeitgeist due to COVID19 it feels odd to talk about a suitcase but at some point we will travel again and Rimowa is really the best of the best. ⁠⠀
The company, founded in 1898 initially made traditional wooden suitcases, and the iconic aluminium design was conceived when there was a large fire in their factory and the aluminium was the only material left over.⁠⠀
The sleek minimal case is probably one of the most robust cases that will last a lifetime, and like all the other designs from out timeless series, that makes it a sustainable product. Buy slow, buy quality.⁠⠀
What are some designs that you think are sustainable but are not advertised with that label? Let us know in the comments below.⁠⠀



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