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Portishead - Dummy

Portishead debut album Dummy is one of those albums that we dip in and out of all the time and its smokey jazz club feel is intoxicating, transporting us to another era which feels like it should be 1930's New York but was reincarnated in 1990's Bristol!⁠⁠
One of the pillars of the Bristol Trip Hop scene this band seemed to flourish in a time that they potentially could have bombed, surrounded by the intense rave culture of the nineties, this four piece comes in with their splashy drums, horn solos and film influences ranging from James Bond to The Man That Fell to Earth.⁠⠀⁠⁠
The stars seemed to align with this perfect come down album for the days after the raves, the band hadn't even really gigged before the albums release but upon its enormous success(which they admit they didn't expect) they were soon being booked left and right.⁠⠀⁠⁠
Our favourites have to be Mysterons, Sour Times and Glory Box.⁠⠀⁠⁠
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