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Perry Ogden - Pony Kids

For those of you that don't know the omdo STUDIOS founders are Irish and we have a great connection to our home country, the welcoming people, the music, culture and artists are something we are incredibly proud of. One of those artists that have tapped right into the essence of Ireland is @perryogden and his series Pony Kids⁠⠀
This series which was shot over two years is focused on the Irish communities that bought and sold horses at the Dublin horse fair in Smithfield in the nineties. They are all stunning portraits of a tradition from a different era, this meeting of traveller and settled culture. It was a big thing back then especially within the traveller communities to still have horses in the inner city carrying on a tradition.⁠⠀
One of the most interesting aspects was how much of a purpose it gave these kids in their lives, especially as there were big drug problems in their areas and this was keeping the away from it, but the government couldn't see it. Perry said in an interview “The council was trying to stop [the culture] by introducing new legislation. It became about animal rights actually. But if they’d looked at where these kids came from, the drugs in the areas they were growing up in – heroin had been creating havoc in Dublin since the early 80s and it’s no better now. If they’d looked at the state of people, rather than just the animals, they might have been able to do something more positive.⁠⠀
We were lucky enough to acquire a first edition of the book and it is well worth getting if you can. ⁠⠀



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