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omdo STUDIOS |muses| - Tracey Emin

omdo STUDIOS |muses| is a series in which we will be sharing artists, musicians designers and creatives that have shaped the visual and conceptual identity of omdo STUDIOS. First up is the Margate born phenomenon Tracey Emin. ⁠

Tracey’s work has always been a massive inspiration for us, dealing with honest and intimate issues that has been seen as controversial. She deals with such emotion and personal experience from loneliness, loss, heartbreak and objectification. And creates such moving art in various mediums from painting and sculpture to tapestry, ceramics, photography and tube lighting works. ⁠

This voracious honesty is vital to us and we try to bring it into every project we work on and her adaptation to so many different mediums is incredibly inspiring to us as we strive to. Not to tie ourselves down to any one practice, working with a variety of artisans and crafts people to create a diverse but concise series of projects that stay true to our brand identity and ethos.⁠

What is your favourite Tracey Emin artwork? Let us know in the comments below⁠



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