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omdo STUDIOS |muses| - Miles Davis

Even though we are a design studio we often find inspiration outside of the design world, music plays an integral role in directing our work, through innovation and musicians ability to illustrate a mood or story, thats why for the next instalment of our muses series we have chosen the great jazz genius Miles Davis.⁠⁠
Davis had an incredible career spanning 50 years but it is his innovation that inspires us, especially his work in the 1950's, he was lightyears ahead of his time. He was incredible prolific, in 1956 alone he released 4 albums. His ability to create the vast landscapes of texture and colour through his trumpet never ceases to amaze us.⁠⁠
His album Kind of Blue (1959), perhaps the most celebrated album in the history of jazz is a regular feature here in the studio. A mellow, relaxed collection, the album includes the finest recorded examples of modal jazz, a style in which improvisations are based upon sparse chords and nonstandard scales rather than on complex, frequently changing chords. ⁠⁠
And one of the most inspiring thing is his work still holds up today, the mark of true talent.⁠⁠
We would love to hear what you think of his work? Let us know in the comments below.⁠⁠



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