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omdo STUDIOS |muses| - Joseph Beuys

We are starting the week off with our muses series, where we talk about the creative people who have had a fundamental effect on shaping our ethos and aesthetics. Next up, we are focusing on Joseph Beuys and his work.⁠⁠
The German artist, theorist and teacher adopted sculpture, graphic art and performance. These divergent activities had a very wide range of subjects and it’s impressive how every one of them unified under political, environmental, social and cultural activism. Saying “Objects aren't very important any more. I want to get to the origin of matter, to the thought behind it”, he also held public discussions and debates. His ‘7000 Oaks – City Forestation Instead of City Administration’ is another perfect example on how he brought the public to his work process, planting trees to create an alteration on the living space of the city. ⁠⁠
What impresses us the most is how all of his work originates from personal experience yet grounded in strong sociological and political concepts, and his diverse body of work suggests how art may produce a healing effect when it takes up these concepts. “Yes,” he told an interviewer “perhaps I have a mission ... to change the social order”. ⁠⁠
Who would you like to read about next on our muses series? Let us know in the comments below⁠⁠



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