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omdo STUDIOS |muses| - Jean Michel Basquiat


Next up on our series omdo STUDIOS |muses| where we share artists, musicians, designers and creatives that have shaped the visual and conceptual identity of omdo STUDIOS is the one and only Jean-Michel Basquiat.⁠⠀
omdo has been inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat for longer than we can remember. In his tragically short life he had such an interesting and productive career from his graffiti beginnings as Samo, doing his conceptual graffiti pieces all over Manhattan. He really started from the bottom, sporadically living on the streets developing and honing his work through exhibitions and the downtown 500 scene until eventually he made his way right up to collaborations with Warhol and residencies in LA, Italy and New York. ⁠⠀
Our personal favourites are the works he did on objects that he found on the streets such as doors, window frames and even fridges.⁠⠀
What is your favourite Basquiat artwork? Let us know in the comments below⁠⠀⁠⠀



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