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Olya Oleinic


Are you impressed by what young talents have to offer as we are? Today we are sharing our thoughts about Olya Oleinic; a photographer born in the Republic of Moldova, now based between Amsterdam and Paris that has blown us away with the beauty of their work. 

Some of Oleinic’s portraits feel like they are actually taken in a photoautomat, as if the subjects photographed themselves; which makes us connect with the photograph on an intimate level and the photographs become so telling of the person. This may be because they are inspired by passport photos, Oleinic’s interest in being observational, or the connection between the model and the photographer. 


We came across one of her interviews where she shared her year through the photographs she took, and were inspired by the aliveness that comes through her memories. From what we can tell, she lives the experiences through and through, moment to moment and it surely shows in her photos. Her more styled works also have that same effortless feeling where you kind of feel the photographer was just hanging out with friends. Her statement, “My career and personal life are quite intertwined and I am very fortunate to have loads of inspiring people around me that are like inflammable liquids in my day to day life, ready to make things happen,” explains this quality of her work.


Her work is characterized by an everyday casual feeling; rooted in fashion photography, she works on a vast range of projects, “The spectrum of commissions I have is wide and dynamic, ranging from travel work, to documentary and portraiture, to fashion,” and they all seem to feed and inspire each other.

While the fashion industry is inundated with portrait photography, Oleinic’s portraits offer a breath of fresh air with their casualty and intimacy; reconstructing her previously collected daily impressions and mundane rituals. 

We would love to hear your opinion about the talented photographer. Let us know in the comments below.








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