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Made By Bill

We’d like to introduce you to Made By Bill , a UK-based object and furniture design studio where every item is handmade to order using sustainably sourced native timbers. ⁠⁠
On Made by Bill’s collection, every design is minimal, sleek, and well made. You can see the thought process behind them, the craftsmanship and how every detail is handled professionally in every one of them. Our personal favourite is the mottled effect on hand-carved pepper mill and coffee table that highlights the handmade aspect of them beautifully. ⁠⁠
Wooden furniture is lightweight, but also strong and durable, and when treated correctly they last more than a lifetime. And the longer a product lasts, the less you’d need a new one, thus it makes buying quality-focused products the most sustainable way of shopping. ⁠⁠
What is your personal favourite at Made by Bill’s collection? ⁠⁠



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