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Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard

We are all about sustainable circular design and we like to shine a light on designers that are pushing the boundaries in not only how conscious they can be but how aesthetically contemporary they can look. One designer that has caught our eye is the Copenhagen based Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard⁠⁠
Around 70 percent of the label’s textiles are deadstock -- some sourced on the go or stumbled upon, by chance, from various hole in the wall shops and international markets, some are hand-me-downs from other designers or factories. Pieces from previous collections are sometimes cut up and remade into new-season garments. A leather ballgown was painstakingly assembled over a month and a half period from tiny scraps that would have otherwise ended up in the studio bin. ⁠⁠
We love this inventive approach to her collections, combining the thrifty and fluid design process with the season-less 'collections' It allows the brand to be so nimble and creative with their work and it almost bridges a gap between ready to wear and couture, with exquisite hand made garments that tell not only their own story but the multiple journeys and stories of the materials that where used to create them.⁠⁠
We need more Bjerregaards in the world to bring beautiful and creative zero waste pieces that are not only better for the environment but better for design as a whole.⁠⁠
What do you think of their work? Let us know in the comments below.⁠⁠



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