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Jamie Hawkesworth - A Study of Human and Animal Habits


Jamie Hawkesworth has such a broad range of work from his early documentary work of Preston Bus Station to multiple covers of i-D magazine but one slice of his work that we want to talk about is this weeks book recommendation ''⠀

In 2015 Hawkesworth and creative director Jonny Lu visited the Wayanad Wildlife Reserve to document the Indian Elephants and people that inhabit the area. There is a small but vastly important piece of land, known as an elephant corridor, that allows elephants, tigers and other wildlife to travel from one National Park to another.⠀

The Wayanad corridor makes up part of the natural habitat used by Asia’s single largest elephant population. However the growing population of humans has put the elephant and countless other wild animals’ lives at risk. For thousands of years, elephants have migrated constantly over vast distances to find food and flourish. The expanding and shifting human population, that also relies on the Wayanad land for the building of farms, roads and villages, is at odds with the elephants’ need to move freely to feed, unite and mate with other herds.⠀

This project was commissioned by World Land Trust, who work in partnership with Wildlife Trust of India to enable local communities to save and protect corridors connecting elephants’ habitats across India. Encouraging humans to work with and not against the threatened species⠀

All profits from ‘A Study of Human and Animal Habitats’ will support WLT and WTI’s wildlife conservation work in India, and help secure elephants and other threatened species’ safe passage. Find them over at @jonnylu website.⠀

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