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International Podcast Day


So we were a little late for #internationalpodcast day (last Wednesday!) but we thought we have a recommend of three podcasts that we are listening to right now.⁠

Talk Art is a podcast that does exactly what it says on the tin, the talk about art, with the artists. It is a great insight int the work and lives of some of the best contemporary artists, with @RobertDiament and @RussellTovey passion and knowledge they get the most interesting stories and anecdotes from every guest.⁠

The Rewatchables⁠
This is a great dive into not the best films of all time but the most rewatchable. Those films you can see again and again and never get bored or jump in half way through and love it so much that you will stay till the end! All the hosts have been film critics for decades so have extensive knowledge of the film industry but the thing that sells it for me is that they root their reasoning into personal experiences in their life, what the films meant to them at the age they first saw them. Great for a laugh and an education!⁠

Startup Therapy⁠
This is a great business podcast for you if that is your thing! The hosts have started over 10 businesses collectively and this is a deep dive into all the aspects that they wish they knew or topics that they dont feel are being talked about in the business space. They range from Pitching to investors and finding the right finder team to knowing when is the right time to stop and founders mental health. They mainly reference tech businesses but if you are starting your own business you should check this one out.⁠

What are your favourite podcasts at the moment? Let us know in the comments below.⁠



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