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Gil Scott Heron & Jamie xx - We're New Here


This weeks album recommendation, Gill Scott-Heron & Jamie XX - We're New Here is 10 years old this month, it really doesn't feel that long ago which either shows the longevity of this album or time is just speeding as we get older...hopefully the former!⁠⁠
This album is recontextualising Scott-Heron's 2010 release I'm New Here, which was also his first release in 16 years. This album is produced almost as a completion and melting pot of Jamie XX's influences, obviously being a massive fan of Scott-Herons work and combining it with these mesmerising and haunting arrangements where you can hear the influence of RJD2 and DJ Shadow. ⁠⁠
We really love the combination of the pair and it has so many incredible tracks that still hold up today, even the likes of 'NY is Killing Me' which was played to death in every club in 2011, yet it still gets us moving today!⁠⁠
Who are your favourite artists who have collaborated on an album or song? Let us know in the comments below.⁠⁠



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