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Frida Escobedo

Mexican architect Frida Escobedo is, in our opinion, one of the most inspiring of her generation. We first saw her work in the 2018 Serpentine pavilion which featured concrete roofing tiles almost woven together to create this serene space that could just breath in its surroundings. ⁠⁠
On a visit to New Your in 2019 we saw her design of the Aesop Park Slope location in Brooklyn and was amazed by the warmth of the space, something about using such a familiar material like the red brick but creating a texture that is reminiscent of nature and the repetition of the pattern brings it into back into an urban context. The overall effect, personally felt so homely to us.⁠⁠
Which leads us onto her further work, Escobedo also is very passionate about her home county and has worked to develop lots of social housing all over Mexico. It is so inspiring to see contemporary and avant garde architects take such an interest in what many would consider an unglamorous aspect which is social housing.⁠⁠
Who are your favourite contemporary architects?⁠ Let us know in the comments below.⁠⁠



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