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Fred Sandback - Vertical Constructions

We are massive fans of clean, minimal art and design and it doesn't get more minimal that Fred Sandback!⁠⠀
This book Documents that exhibition in the @davidzwirner gallery in New York. Drawn from both public and private collections, these works will be brought together for the first time since their initial installation and were exhibited alongside key examples of vertical constructions spanning Sandback's career.⁠⠀
Over the course of more than three decades, Sandback developed a singular, Minimal formal vocabulary that elaborated on the phenomenological experience of space and volume with unwavering consistency and ingenuity. Though he employed metal wire and elastic cord early in his career, the artist soon largely dispensed with mass and weight by using acrylic yarn to outline planes and volumes in space. By stretching lengths of yarn horizontally, vertically, or diagonally at different scales and in varied configurations, he created a wide-ranging body of works that inherently address their physical surroundings. ⁠⠀
We love his work and think you will love this book. Let us know what your favourite minimal designer/artist is in the comments below.⁠



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