Fashion Week is Dead?

  • by Alan Taylor


Is fashion week dead? With the current climate and the collapse of the fashion eco system it is a very valid question that @alecleach_ (of @future__dust ) is asking in his recent article for @i_d ⁠⠀
This is a great dive into this topic, not like the usual out there just criticising the current systemic failures of the main fashion weeks but highlighting the bold vision of Copenhagen Fashion Week and their Creative Director @ceciliethorsmark ⁠⠀
They not only have some immediate actions that they have taken for the most recent Fashion Week but they have a long term plan that brands that wish to show will have to meet a set of criteria relating to sustainability, environmental and transparency issues. If a brand cant meet a set target across the board then they wont be able to show. We believe this is the radical thinking that is needed to turn the industry around and set a standard that everyone should be striving to achieve and that the majority of the big brands are ignoring, there are several mentioned in the article that are continuing on like nothing is happening, this is incredibly naive and is only going to damage the business in the long run(in our opinion!) ⁠⠀
Check out the article through the i-D website or Alec's IG.⁠⠀
What do you think of the fashion week systems and what else can be done to improve them? Let us know in the comments below.⁠⠀


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