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Erwin Wurm - One Minute Sculptures

How do you define fine art? One of those questions that seems obvious from an informed position, a broad ranging spectrum that varies depending both from the creator and the spectator, Erwin Wurm's 'One Minute Sculptures" are at one end of that spectrum that someone who has no real interest in art would find of the reasons that we love them!⠀

The work from One Minute Sculpture is meant to be copied and imitated. The artist encourages people to perform them over and over again. . If you want to take part as a sculpture, Wurm has instructions written by hand in a cartoon-like manner for you to follow. These drawings are created by Erwin Wurm for every work. A text gives specific instructions guiding the performer how exactly to pose for one minute.⠀

After reading and understanding the instructions for the sculpture, you will be brought an everyday object, or you can use whatever you are carrying. You will be required to pose with the object by putting your body in a bizarre and ridiculous-looking relationship with the object. If you strike an unnatural pose with the object, you need to hold the pose for the time it takes to capture the act in film or photography, usually for less than one minute. As you expect, the pose is quite hard to hold for a minute.⠀

The thing we love the most is that this is not only accessible to anyone but the results are instant. It democratises the creation of art, maybe sparking the creative process of someone that may have been afraid to start.⠀

Check out some of the descriptions on maybe try out a one minute sculpture for yourselves. Let us know if you do we would love to see the results.⠀

Let us know which is your favourite one minute sculpture in the comments below.



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