Eames Lounge Chair

  • by Alan Taylor



I don't think there is anything more timeless than and Eames Lounge Chair, If you get one it will last you for life...what is more sustainable than that?!⁠⠀
We have talked about the Eames studio before and many of you probably know the iconic Eames Lounge Chair but did you know the Genesis of the chair started in WW2? Leg splints at that point were causing wounded serviceman further injury while they were carried out of combat. The reason was that the metal amplified any vibrations from the stretcher bearers. Upon hearing this, Charles and Ray Eames began experimenting with a new type of device to transfer war patients with injuries to their lower extremities.⁠⠀
The Eameses created their splints from wood veneers, which they bonded together with a resin glue and shaped into compound curves using a process involving heat and pressure. The slats between the wood allowed medical workers to pass cloth through the split and secure the patient’s leg.⁠⠀
This was the basis of design that would create the Lounge Chair and several other furniture designs that came out of the Eames office.⁠⠀
For those of new new to our timeless series, we shine a light on product that never loses its relevance in contemporary culture, no matter when that is. Products that never go out of style are incredibly sustainable because you never need to replace them.⁠⠀
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