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Dog Bed



You may have heard of circular design or a circular economy, basically what it is is making sure nothing goes to the landfill, reusing, recycling, upcycling, regenerative, combining all of these together in different ways to create products and services that are better for the environment. This can be big systemic processes of small homemade projects.

We needed dog beds for our two beautiful studios dogs, @raf_and_ulysses and we thought this could be the perfect circular project to work on. So we took an old duvet, folded it to the size that we wanted, hand stitched the edges so it held its shape. Then we took some amazing deadstock Irish linen and made a cover for it. we also engineered the dog bed size so it was exactly half the width of the fabric so there is zero fabric waste.

A great little project that took no virgin supplies to make and nothing was thrown out, plus they look chic as fuck!! Really rewarding and contributing to circular ideal.

Let us know if you like this in the comments and would like to see more projects like this and if you have any circular projects you have worked on?



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