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Clement Knives

There are many forms of sustainable circular design and @clementknives in our opinion is a master of taking waste and creating something that is even more elevated than a product using virgin materials.⁠⠀
This knives are made from giant cable reel fished out of the Thames river for the blades and plastic bottles are used for the handles, collected by Tim the bladesmith from all over London.⁠⠀
Forged in a 200 year-old blacksmith forge at the London Museum of Water & Steam, these blades are the epitome of design that excited us here at omdo STUDIOS. Taking waste material, shaping it with great craftsmanship and ending at a finished product which is so elevated that it outshines its luxury competitors.⁠⠀
This is what we should all be striving to design and to buy in our lives, product that is great for the planet and is so well made that it will last you a lifetime.⁠⠀
If you want to get one of these beautiful pieces keep an eye on his website as these are one off pieces and he will sporadically release a group of knives for sale usually only three to five at a time.⁠⠀
Let us know in the comments below what you think and if there are any other companies or crafts people that are doing incredible things with circular design?⁠



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