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We were so saddened to hear of the death of renowned surreal environmental artist Cristo who passed away last week.⁠⠀
He had a legendary fifty year career in which he worked with his late wife Jeanne-Claude. They could almost be considered delusional if they pitched their work to people before seeing it but they truly dreamed on a scale that is a very rare spectacle to see, from wrapping buildings to entire islands ⁠⠀
The way that they interact with the space around them is so inspiring. One of the things we find so inspirational is how their work can completely transform in its sense of scale, it pulls you out of the context of the piece and can feel like a small model, standing over observing and then all of a sudden it is towering over you making you feel insignificant as if standing on the edge of an ocean.⁠⠀
Their works had become a pilgrimage for a huge number of people, no matter where it is erected in the world, people flock to see them, with 270,000 people coming to their “The Floating Piers” debuted in 2016 on Lake Iseo in Italy.⁠⠀
We love his work and he will be sadly missed in the art world and beyond.⁠



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