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Caribou - Swim

As this weekend is looking to be a scorcher we though we would feature one of our favourite 'summer' albums @cariboumusic Swim.⁠⠀
We dont know if we were just the right place at the right time but this seemed to embody the entire summer, Dan Snaith who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of music, from pop to the most obscure niche genres, brings all these influences together to create an album that is infectious from start to finish.⁠⠀
His previous albums had been solidly rooted in the band focused/psychedelic offering but Swim fully embraces the electronic influences that Snaith loops and layers while combining with live drums to create incredible songs that are so rich that you cant help dance to them.⁠⠀
This album is perfect for beers in the park on a sunny Saturday, try get out before we hit the depths of winter again!⁠⠀
What is your favourite album to listen to in the sun. Let us know in the comments below.⁠⠀



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