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Amanda Gorman - The Hill We Climb

There was lots to take in at what was the inauguration of President Biden yesterday but there was one woman who in our opinion stole the show. Amanda Gorman the first ever youth poet laureate in Americas history, recited her incredibly moving poem 'The Hill We Climb'.⁠⠀
It was a brutal look at the state of her country as it stands, the unvarnished version, looking to the atrocities of recent years back to the founding of the country. But with this brutal honesty there was also hope, hope in her fellow citizens, hope in democracy and hope in the future. In this balance of honesty and hope Gorman was fully aware and ready for the challenging work that lay ahead⁠⠀
Now we understand that Trump leaving office and Biden entering isn't bringing massive change overnight, everything that the people fighting agains racism, social injustice and environmental rights need to not now be complacent but keep pushing from their local electors right up to the presidential level, but that doesn't mean that we cant celebrate the fact that this talented young woman got to share her work at the inauguration of the first African/Asian Female Vice President. It should have happened sooner but this is a step in the right direction.⁠⠀
And having these amazing art forms at the forefront from day one hopefully shows the direction in which the Biden administration is heading in regards to their arts and culture funding which was gutted by the previous four years.⁠⠀



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