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Aka Chang

There are aspects of live performance that just don't get enough credit and lighting design is one of them. They can complete a piece of work, that final piece of the puzzle that makes a gig, theatre or dance performance turn from a rehearsal into a concise body of work. One lighting designer that has blown us away with their work is @aka_chang.⁠⠀
This Taiwanese designer has created some stunning pieces ranging from personal art installations through collaborations with dance groups and electronic music producers. We love what they do with their work in both the graphic based projections and also their more architectural work using a combination of beams of solid light and lasers.⁠⠀
We would love to see the result of a collaboration between them and artists like @floatingpoints or @fourtetkieran would be. Id say the results would be mesmerising.⁠⠀
Check out his work and let us know what you think in the comments below.⁠



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