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Today we are very excited to share one of our recent favourite sustainable brands, 1/Off ⁠⁠
Calling them ‘treasures’, 1/Off transforms high-end vintage finds into elevated clothes, proving that upcycling is a creative process that makes you think outside of the box and seasonal trends, providing original pieces without the cost of our precious resources. ⁠⁠
Their approach to upcycling is very different from what we have come across so far, they present collections that have a consistent silhouette although every piece has a unique garment as a base, their designs are upscale yet act as an everyday item- we can see how they can blend into many closets. They also give us an example on how to scale an upcycling label with their price point but given they work with couture makers, use vintage high-end brands and not to mention the amount of thought they put into every piece, it is an investment you wouldn’t regret if you are in the market.⁠⁠
Using existing garments is a great practice on sustainability; both saving them from the landfill and by not producing any virgin materials you are minimising your use of resources thus your ecological footprint. 1/Off uses iconic and timeless pieces to add a flair to, which helps to extend the longevity of the items too.⁠⁠
By giving you a canvas to work on, it may sound like upcycling is creatively restricted, but on the contrary- it is filled with opportunities. They describe the process as “classics meets disruptive transformations”, and consider it as a rethinking of grand designers, which they do a really great job on. “Our vision is based on the ideology that fashion items are no longer disposable, but part of an eternal cycle of inspiration” summarises their vision perfectly.⁠⁠
Here are some of our favourite looks from their collections, which one is yours? Let us know in the comments below⁠⁠



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